Bacon Jerky

A different take on Chronic Bacon, low and slow allows the seasonings to remain in place and crisps up the bacon nicely. Sweet & Spicy is on the left, Sweet & Bourbon in on the right.

Start with thick cut bacon. I cut 1/4″ slices out of my own homemade bacon.

Make up a sugary slurry to brush across each slice. For a sweet tooth, use 1C brown sugar with 2T bourbon and 1T black pepper. For a sweet and spicy alternative, use 1C brown sugar with 2T Siracha and 2T hot sauce. Whichever you choose (both in the case above), mix it together and then brush on each slice of bacon, top and bottom.

Place bacon on a 200F grill for about 6 hours. No need for a cookie sheet as you would in a hot oven. You can test it after 4-5 hours by removing a piece, let it sit for 10 minutes to crystalize the sugar, and see if you have the texture you want.

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