Smoked Bloody Mary

With bold flavors like roasted garlic and tomatoes, oregano and fresh basil, your will never go back to the bland store bought mix! The smoked flavor of this brunch favorite really makes it shine!

Start with 4 large beefsteak tomatoes. Trim the top and bottom, then cut into 1/2″ slices. Lay on top of a foil lined pan, sprinkle with fresh, chopped garlic and drizzle with olive oil.

Place the tray of tomatoes in your cold smoker and set it for 350F to get the maximum smoked flavor into the fruit. Once your smoker gets to 350, let it go for another 30 minutes before turning up the heat to 450. Let the tomatoes go another 10-20 minutes, until they begin to slightly brown.

While the tomatoes and garlic are roasting, mix in a saucepan 2C beef broth, 1/2C tomato sauce, 1/4C horseradish, 1/4C chopped basil leaves, 1T Worcestershire sauce, 1T dried oregano, hot sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Add the roasted tomatoes and garlic and bring the whole mix to a simmer for 15 minutes.

Allow to cool before placing in a blender to puree the whole lot. Refrigerate to let the flavors meld. Serve over ice and vodka for the most tasty Bloody you’ll ever have!

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