Smoked Chex Mix

The smoke flavor on this snack is crazy rich! Make your Chex Mix according to the package directions, or add your own flair. I used 3 Cups each of Rice, Corn and Wheat Chex, 2 Cups of pretzels, 2 Cups of cashews and 2 Cups of pita chips. Tossed in a stick of melted butter with 2T Worcestershire Sauce, laid out on a screen on the grill, and sprinkled with equal amounts of garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.

For an added kick, you can mix in 1/4C of Franks or another hot sauce of your choosing with the butter before tossing the mix.

Smoke on your grill for 45-60 minutes. I’m thinking the butter helps soak up the smoke, because this mix is crazy smoky and delicious!

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