I have heard that nothing is wasted on a hog but the squeal! So what do you do with that tough skin? Turn them into crispy, salty, crunchy nuggets of love!

Start by taking the skin with fat on and cutting into 1-2″ strips. Put in a large covered pot and boil for 30 minutes to soften them up and render some of the fat out. You may want to open a window, too, as the pungent odor from boiled pig skin can be nasty.

Salt each strip and hit it with your favorite rub. The rub I used for smoked pork belly burnt ends will work well. Fire your smoker up to 225F and lay them fat side down for an hour. Then, crank the heat up to 400F and go another 45-60 minutes until they are golden brown.

Remove from grill and hit them with some more salt, rub, cayenne pepper, and/or hot sauce. These are perfect if you’re on an Atkins or Keto style of diet.

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